Why yo need a chess coach? A good coach saves you hugh amount of time and money. You can always expect for responsible, professional communication.

Who is a good coach? It is very important for you to pick the right one. A good coach has a big knowledge (and permanently developes it), teaches well, explains clearly, likes to teach, organized, reliable, has great professional or educational background (or both), is able to handle unexpected situatons, records the progress, lessons with the students, builds a good and fair relationship to parents, and the most important is: ready to bring YOUR CHILD to a HIGH LEVEL (like even GM!).

How can you make sure, your child is having the right coach? Do research on the references (chess title, rating, achievmnents, best students ever, everything you can get or find....) of the coach.

How can you make sure, your child is getting the right instruction? Only an organized coach, who has the knowledge, has right program, plan, is able to transfer the knowledge to your child. It exists general plan, but as soon, as your child is more into it, you will see, individually taylored plan will be also needed. Student, parents, and coach need to work well together, to be able to succeed.

What is the appropriate teaching material for your child? You can have easy access to hundreds of chess books, dvds, cds... , but to study and learn of them efficiently, without a clear plan, would take your child too much time. It is the responsibility of the experienced coach, to select the necessary, important study material. It is also the coaches job to make sure, the student is learning, making progress, and not losing unnecessary time.