High Quality Attention

  Through Chesssport.com, you will find high-quality instruction and other services led by chess grandmaster (GM). It is the second highest chess title - World Champion is the highest. (See chess title hierachy!) GM Emil Anka also holds a 4-year university coaching degree, and has the International Arbiter (IA) title.

Why is topnotch instruction so highly recommended in chess? The deepest knowledge of chess's complexities can be conveyed only by a highly skilled player/coach. No doubt, it is possible to learn the rules in five minutes, but it might take decades to master chess. For a good example consider openings, one of the challenges of the royal game.

You will find that the keys to success lie in motivation and hard individual work under the supervision of a grandmaster (GM) or international master (IM). Guidance from such a strong player saves time and avoids many confusions and frustrations.

Whether you decide to spend a short time or a very long time in the chess world, we will make sure that during your stay you will savor the best of chess.

To guarantee that you are in the best hands, contact us today! gm.emilanka@chesssport.com

Chesssport.com focuses primarily on young students, K-12, but welcomes all ages and levels.